Friday, December 19, 2008

Podcast Focus: The Digital Front

Every Friday, I'll talk about a podcast or two that catches my fancy.

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Description: I'm the type of guy who's interested in what happens behind the scenes in the RPG industry and perhaps that's why I enjoy Daniel Perez's The Digital Front. This gaming podcast occupies a very unique niche, in this case e-commerce and electronically distributed gaming material (such as PDFs). Admittedly, the one flaw of the show is that it's not frequent enough but thankfully, there's a new show this week. Probably not for the everyday geek but for those who want a more critical look at the industry...

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Daniel M. Perez said...

Thanks for the nice words, Charles. And sorry for the hiatus. I'm working on getting back to at least once a month starting in January, so here's hoping. Glad you enjoy the show.