Monday, December 22, 2008


It doesn't seem like my health is giving me a break.

Okay, so I have a cold (probably allergies) for the past few weeks. My trash can both at home and in the office is filled to the brim with tissue. Last night's attack was one of the worst.

And then as if things couldn't get worse, my stomach couldn't digest my dinner. I went to the guest room at around midnight and vomited my guts. I went back to sleep, dreamt of Marvel Comics covers but instead of mourning the death of The Wasp it had Anorexia written all over (I never said dreams were logical), then woke up and vomited some more. Then more vomit.

Apparently I couldn't lie down because that only caused my stomach pain. I could hear various acids slushing in my stomach, co-mingling until it made a reaction. Unfortunately, this was limited to a) pain in the stomach, b) pain in the groin area, and c) pain in the anus. Mostly it was a). There was a consistency to the pain however as the acids had a specific sound so for the rest of the early morning, it was name that tune on my part.

All that while surviving a cold. Apparently, I could only pick two of three choices: blow my nose, sit upright so that my digestive tract could do its job, or sleep.

More interesting developments include my vomit drying out in the toilet and I could actually make out what it was I puked: entire grains of rice.

More rumblings from my stomach and I figured out that I'd had enough puking. The sounds were different this time and I figured this was pain because there's nothing in my stomach as opposed to an inability to break down what I had eaten. It took much effort to munch down a pack of crackers and it seemed to stave off the hunger... for about an hour.

Then it was 3 am, had congee by 4 am, and then there was a quick bout with diarrhea.

I'm now in the office, downing one tissue after another.

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