Friday, December 12, 2008

Plug: Gerry Alanguilan on Filipino Comic Book Artists

From Komikero Comics Journal:
"We are at the height of another Filipino invasion with our artists working on the most popular books for Marvel, DC and Image. There’s Jay Anacleto on Marvels 2, Leinil Francis Yu on Secret Invasion, Whilce Portacio on Spawn, Carlo Pagulayan on Agents of Atlas, Harvey Tolibao on Dark Hawk, Lan Medina on Fables and Punisher, Philip Tan on Final Crisis, Mico Suayan on Moon Knight and Werewolf at Night… and those are just the ones on top of my head. There are plenty more Filipinos working in different capacities (writer, penciller, inker, colorist) for various comic book companies.

This is probably the most pervasive Filipino invasion of US comic books there ever were, but it might as well be secret because hardly anyone in the Philippines knows about it."
Echoes of Philippine Speculative Fiction (although Filipino comic artists are way ahead of the game), especially the second part of Alanguilan's essay.

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