Tuesday, December 02, 2008

December 2, 2008 Links and Plugs

I'm back at the 9-hour day job:
  • Check out the latest issue of Lone Star Stories!
  • For more unconventional online fiction, check out Tumbarumba. Technophobes might need to be patient with this one.
  • I didn't get the memo but there's apparently the Book Bloggers Blog, complete with a Q&A (i.e. do they review PDFs, interview authors, etc.).
  • Jane Lindskold has a commentary on book covers (specifically her own).
  • Jo Walton on Swearing in Genre Fiction.
  • Jessica Faust on Decoding Agent-Speak (which is similar to the language I receive in rejection letters). As a bonus, get to know the many lines of Harlequin.
  • Marshall Payne interviews T.L. Morganfield over at The Fix.
  • I don't own an iPhone/iPod Touch so I can't vouch for its effectiveness but if you want to read PDFs (and other documents) without emailing it to yourself, check out ACTPrinter.
  • Call for Submissions: Queer SF Anthology.
And today's book plug is brought to you by PS Publishing:

Living With the Dead by Darrell Schweitzer

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