Sunday, September 17, 2006

What I Dislike About the Podium

Aside from its name of course.

Back during my freshman year in college, I had the privilege to be the student of the distinguished Mr. Alvin Yapan. It was also one of the rare classes when anime could be used as a legitimate topic for a paper (not that I opted to do one at that time, having done my fair share of anime papers). That aside, one of the topics he brought up was the cyborg culture theory. I forgot who the author of the book he was using as a source, but the thesis of cyborg culture is that we're all starting to emulate cyborgs, the mixture of man and machine. It started with the beepers, then mobile phones. Looking at it now, there's a lot of accessories we have on our bodies: PDAs, mp3 players, flash drives, digital cameras, wi-fi/bluetooth devices, etc. Perhaps we are all, indeed, slowly becoming cyborgs.

Of course ever since the Metro Manila bombings a few years back, security in the malls has been tightened. What's different about the Podium security is that you're required to unload all of your electronic devices as you pass the metal detector. Unfortunately for me, I have lots of electronic devices, such as my mp3 player and two mobile phones. That and they still get to search my bag.


estelle said...

why do they make us unload all of our electronic devices anyway? i'm just curious. i always assumed it was because it would make the metal detector beep. but maybe there's a better reason?

good thing for me i'm not a techie. i only have my cellphone. then a mini-ipod when i'm expecting to wait. so it's not much of a hassle. i still hate the podium though. not a lot of stuff to do there. and everything's expensive. i only like it during Christmastime, when they have the Philharmonic Orchestra play for free.

sorry for the long comment. just thinking out loud and making my equally-stalker-presence known. :) see ya whenever!

- Estelle.

charlesatan said...

It's probably just for the metal detector. =)