Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fabric Warehouse

I was with one of our magazine's stylists during the weekend, tagging along as I am wont to do. Eventually, we landed in an actual fabric warehouse where they sell the material in bulk, priced by the kilo. Of course if you're looking for a specific fabric, well, you'll have to do it the way bibliophiles scrounge for their books: you do it one lane at a time. However, for those of you who might be interested in such pursuits (i.e. cosplayers), you might want to visit the place.

Warehouse #4 Tantuco Complex
No. 100 Conception Street
Brgy. Buting, Pasig City, Philippines
Tel. No. 641-2764

1 comment:

Ligaya said...

I think that's the place my dad mentioned to me once! Awesome. AND I've been there (it's near the set used by GMA 7 for "Encantadia" back when it was still running). Thanks heaps for the tip! d^.~b