Friday, September 15, 2006

Shop 88

Back in the day when Virra Mall still had a Comic Alley and Jollibee on the third floor, another unique shop they had was Shop 88. The concept of the shop was that it was selling various Japanese items (from kitchen utensils to office hardware) for P88.00 (roughly $1.85) and played Japanese tunes for ambience (which it would actually sell on the black market). When the third floor of the mall got burned down, it relocated to the Ayala MRT station, and then eventually disappeared.

I was strolling by Greenhills yesterday to get my glasses when the hardware store (near Mister Donut) had a separate but similar section. It featured Japanese items (from plastic folders to slippers to cooking implements) and again, was selling them for P88.00 each. (Alas, still no Japanese music for sale.)


robert wong said...

There's this shop called the 88-store and it still sells with the same concept.

There's one in Park Square One, at the ground floor where Chowking used to be, the side facing Pasay Road.

And there's another one in Waltermart, at the second floor at the supermarket level, also named the 88-Store.

Original japanese CD's can still be bought in Makati Cinema Square, where FEATA used to be. Its a different store now with the same things beings sold, but its no longer the property of the original owner Ms. Eva Yoshino. Nice lady, i will miss her.

estelle said...

there's also another 88-store at harrison plaza, 2nd floor. I was disappointed though, as most of the stuff they were selling for 88-pesos were not worth it (ballpens, toothbrushes, kitchen utensils, kids shirts etc). the stuff that were worth buying, were unfortunately well over 88 bucks. :p

i prefer the 99 peso store. they sell nice stuff at a cheap price. some of the guys shirts there, or girls' totebags i could sell for P150 (if only they didn't come with the 99-peso store tag). of course, i wouldn't know if their products came from Japan.
good enough for me though. wee. :)