Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Counter Culture

I think most people have these counter-culture tendencies. You know, habits or hobbies that you have that you think sets you apart from most people (i.e. the masses). It's the rebellious spirit in you that yearns to be unique and make you stand out. It could the lone Mac (or Linux) user amidst a PC crowd. A guy who refuses to play MMORPGs even if he's interested in them. There are even anime fans who are like this, who become disgruntled and drop a show they like just because it gets syndicated or dubbed on local television.

For me, it's the whole Friendster and Instant Messenger thing. The former, because I already have too much blogs to handle so you know, that's one less load I have to worry about. And the Instant Messenger thing, because these days, I really don't have the time. Not that I never used Instant Messenger, I had one back in the days of ICQ. Of course back then, I was still chatting in chat rooms, and I don't get to do that either these days. I mean if you really wanna take the time to talk to me, there are other ways, from sending me a text message, leaving a comment, or plain old email (since when did email become old?). And if you're wondering what my email is, here's a hint: It starts with a letter c, and ends with satan. You can take your pick of Yahoo or Google.

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