Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Guilty at Blogging

Yes, right now I'm one of those people who actually feels guilt about blogging. Why? Well, because my posts as of late have been so different when I first started out. While my Pitas page's last entry was in January of 2002, I firmly recall blogging in November of 2001. And well, most of my entries were college-related stuff as well as lots of name dropping (which apparently irked anonymous friends who wanted to remain anonymous).

And then slowly came the anime/manga posts, then the book posts. For quite some time, I was known for blogging about books. Highest point in my blogger history was probably transcribing the various Neil Gaiman interviews when he was here. That's when I probably developed a blogger reputation, and total strangers started linking to me or adding me to their friends list. And now here I am, blogging about stuff I least expected: technology.

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