Sunday, September 17, 2006

Gone Fishing

Saturdays is usually my day to unwind. Normally, the morning is spent burning CDs for various friends (whether it's mp3s, manga, anime, or Japanese drama), and then by lunch time, I'm off, usually meeting a friend Eastwood and then meeting my gaming friends shortly after.

Yesterday was a different place as my gaming friends all went off to Baguio, so my typical Saturday schedule had a restructuring. Took the time to meet some friends I haven't seen in a long time (and hopefully even a person I wanted to meet, even if we aren't friends yet, but that got postponed).

The anecdote for the day would perhaps me be me watching Elbert turning on his PowerMac.

Me: Why do you have Norton Anti-Virus on? That's one of the Mac's strengths, the fact that it really doesn't get a lot of viruses.

Elbert: Force of habit. I can't uninstall it now for some strange reason.

Me: At least it's not like the Internet stories I hear, where Norton detects itself as a virus and starts deleting itself...

Seriously, why Norton Anti-Virus for a Mac? And on a dial-up connection at that.

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