Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lost In Makati (Again)

Ended up today in the same place as I was in yesterday. Well, I guess it's not like it's a big secret. I was at the AFP (that doesn't stand for Armed Forces of the Philippines) looking for decade-old photos.

Normally, I prefer a desk job (I'm sure I'm the only person you know who'll admit that) but unfortunately, work brings me to different parts of the city (and I get to meet all sorts of people). Anyway, part of this year's The Philippines Yearbook is a 20-year retrospective on a post-martial law Philippines. So aside from reading twenty years worth of newspapers, I also had to track down (thankfully not by myself) 20 years worth of photos.

Perhaps the strangest thing is that while I'm not part of The Philippine Star, I'm pretty much familiar with the place by now. Spent several weeks at the library, visited the IT/Internet section thanks to a certain feline, seen the marketing department (the good rest room is right next to their offices), caught a bird's eye view of the priting press, scanned photos at the scanning room, and browsed for photos at the photography department. The editorial's just one big room divided into cubicles.

And now, I'm visiting various news agencies for photos. Well, at least this is a job I can honestly say I'm encountering lots of growth.

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