Monday, September 18, 2006

The Pinoitto Fansubbers

The second of six archive entries of my anime/manga blog, believe it or not the Philippines had a fansubbing group back in the 90's, distributing their work via the traditional format of VHS tapes. In June of 2002, I asked them to write a piece about themselves. Too bad they would soon die out (as far as I know) thanks to the rise of broadband Internet and with the phenomenons of P2P sharing and scanlations. These days, there are probably Pinoy fansubbers out there, but most likely they're working with an existing group rather than an all-Pinoy fansubbing group subbing and distributing their work exclusively in the Philippines. The Pinoitto link, by the way, doesn't work anymore the last time I checked.

Written by Benjie

You can read about us in an interview (sort of) by Lea G. of March 01 issue (not sure) of Questor magazine. Unfortunately, no one cares about fansubs (and about us) back then.

Anyway, Short boring thing about us:(unedited)

We call ourselves shenglong back then but someone in our group suggested that *dapat alam nila (the fans) na pinoy ito, dapat may pagka "pinoy ito". *_*Ting !!! So pinoitto anime was born. Corny but true.

One of our first subs was mostly slayers anime TVs/Movies with SAHA (Canadian fansubbers) and the now defunct Fushigi Anime who are by the way, mostly asian/chinese. Most of us here at pinoitto anime are Slayers fans, and we can't wait to get a hold the new Slayers Premium DVD.

We're going digital now, i mean digisubs. And soon, DVD subs, hopefully.

Why do we do it? Most pinoy don't know we exists (more than 6 years) but we are still involve in subbing and now making Anime Music Videos(AMV) and recently joing AMV contests (US). And we are also glad that Anima Anime allowed us to show some stuffs at powerbooks.

Even though subbing is a very expensive "hobby", really expensive "hobby" (with no hope of profit), we do it cuz we love anime and we just want to tell those US/foreign fans that "kaya rin ng pinoy".

Thats about it.

BTW, has been registered since march, we're just looking for a really fast/paid (with cpanel) server to host our site and a really good bandwidth for our download animes.

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