Monday, September 25, 2006

Read or Die Convention 2007

As a child, I was already a reader, although not with material most people would expect. I didn't read books, I read magazines--

Oh wait, I'm supposed to be plugging something else. Visit RodCon 2007 and find out more details on the bibliophile convention next year. All proceeds will go to UNICEF and AHON, at least those that the organizers don't get to pocket (Just kidding! The organizers, well, most of them are nice... just beware of the few; they bite!). Hopefully the event will be as beautiful as the website so sign up now (it's being held at a classy, posh hotel, so you can impress the socialites in your cicle).


Anonymous said...

Hi Charles, thanks for the plug (pero hindi ka ba kasama dun sa mga organizers na nangangagat? XD)

Though about the classy socialite posh hotel remark? ^^;; It's really the ballroom, the number of function rooms (adjunct to the ballroom), and the accessibility of the hotel which went into the decision. We were going for Dusit but they'd integrated their ballrooms after renovations and there were no meeting rooms near the ballroom. Sorry to sound defensive, but I had no idea that simply holding the con in the Intercon might come off as a sosyalan thing first and foremost. Patay. Must be sure to address that in the FAQ.


Anonymous said...

Tin dear, you take my posts too literally. The entry was in my sarcastic, annoying tone, so... =P