Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wizards of the Coast Discoveries Open Call

I think I missed this piece of info (or if it was lost in my constant plugging of Wizards of the Coast's various submission guidelines) but Wizards of the Coast has a new imprint called Wizards of the Coast Discoveries and features various original novels.

Moreover, it's open season for submissions (see the full guidelines here):

Submissions are accepted annually between the dates of September 1st and February 1st. Any submissions received outside of that timeframe will not be read.

This is not a contest! It is a call for proposals from professional authors and aspiring professional authors.

Please read these guidelines very carefully before submitting. We have made some changes not only to the sort of subject matter we’re interested in, but the nature of the proposals as well. Submissions that do not conform to the guidelines will not be accepted.

Our annual open call is for a speculative fiction imprint that publishes novels with science fiction, fantasy, and/or horror elements for an adult audience. What we’re most interested in are books that are set in a contemporary or historical setting but with the addition of some SF, fantasy, and/or horror elements. Because we continue to enjoy great success with our shared world fantasy lines, we’re not looking for more of that sort of thing for this imprint. Likewise we’re not too keen right now on “straight” science fiction (far future settings, extreme high tech, etc.). We’re always open to supernatural horror. We are not interested in pornography, romance, or nonfiction of any kind.

We are looking for novels for an adult audience only, so please do not send short stories, short story collections, poetry, etc., or books for young readers.

Right now there are four writers who are going to see print come 2008, and one of the more interesting blurbs is Last Dragon by J.M. McDermott. Here's what it says:
A tale of revenge that grows into something more, Last Dragon is a literary fantasy novel in the tradition of Gene Wolfe and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
Anyway, game designer and author Ari Marmell mentioned in his blog that his novel got picked up as well, and we can expect Shades of Grey one year from now.

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J m mcdermott said...

Hey, this is J M McDermott.

This is the third year in a row that we've seen this open call. However, not a lot of people have seen what's been bought.

If any writers want to e-mail me and take a peek at just my first chapter to get a sense of something this imprint bought, come by my blog and you can find my e-mail.

Best wishes from Tejas!