Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Filipino Scrabble

For something more light-hearted, all this talk about language got me thinking: has anyone designed a Filipino word game? I mean I'm familiar with Scrabble although Dean and Nikki favor Upwords more. How about a local version of the game? I don't mean by any means that it should be based on alibata (God I remember Ambeth Ocampo giving us a history quiz in alibata) but obviously the existing rules for Scrabble and Upwords simply won't work with Filipino. I mean a simple word such as pangangailangan ("need") would easily fill up the entire board, and honestly Filipino needs a lot of vowels. One could even forego vowel tiles entirely and assume the players have them. We'd also have tiles like "ng" in the game. Something would-be game designers to ponder on.

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