Friday, September 28, 2007

Authors Who Blog: JM McDermott

Just got an email from JM McDermott whose first book will be published next year and is one of the authors in the Wizards of the Coast Discoveries. You can visit his blog at and add him to the SF&F authors who blog and in this case, particular interesting because his book isn't published yet and isn't yet a fiction author that has legions of fans (you know, to the point that you can comment but you won't necessarily get a reply because there's too much fan mail to respond to).

I guess I better start Googling Rob Rogers and Richard Dansky too.


Rob Rogers said...

Thanks for looking me up and for the link.


Charles said...

Looking forward to your book. =)

Rob Rogers said...

Thanks very much! Me, too! (It'll be nice to see it hit the stores.)