Thursday, September 13, 2007

Podcast for 2007/09/13

Hope you find it useful and discover new podcasts! See you next Thursday!



Anonymous said...

And if you could only listen to one of those podcasts, you should listen to the Gamemaster Show's Steal Away Jordan recording. The recording of the game is interesting as Erin mirrored my playing of the demo. I didn't engage very much either. The discussion afterwards was really cool though. I think I may like their oneshots more than their recorded game sessions.

Charles said...

Will do. Spent several hours listening to podcasts during the funeral. BTW the Open Mic was great, it was really interesting to listen to what people had to say.

Charles said...

Just finished listening to The Gamemaster Show.

The thing is I'm more of a hack-and-slash gamer rather than the storytelling immersive type. I really enjoy RPG sessions when there's at least one combat scene in there, although Steal Away Jordan seems to have some interesting "social combat" mechanics. While I don't mind playing the occasional storytelling-oriented RPG game, I can't imagine playing it with my gaming group every single week (at the very least my gaming group isn't open to it) although I do know people who might be interested in such a game.

The other thing is the niche of the subject matter. I'm game to playing a slave but unlike Penny For Your Thoughts which is more flee-flowing and has endless possibilities, here you're trapped in playing a slave (whether it might be alien slaves, feudal slaves, dictatorship slaves, etc.) and I think that kind of thing is better as a one-shot rather than a full campaign (or at the most, one short campaign rather than a game you'll play for the next ten years).

I found the discussion at the end interesting too. I think it's not the kids who'll really be complaining but the parents--they're the type that's more likely to overreact when dealing with such subject matter.

As for introspection, I usually do that when I'm reading or writing or just taking a walk (which is often) rather than playing games (although obviously there'll be some form of introspection whenever you play games).

Anonymous said...

I think you are right the game wouldn't be good for a campaign. I don't think that is the games intention. I think the intention is to open a dialog about the issues the game brings up today.