Monday, September 10, 2007

Recommended Reading in Hotels

I was reading Shirley Dent's column in The Guardian about the deplorable state of their libraries when I chanced upon an earlier column of hers that talk about French hotels:
But a difference that surprised me was finding two slim paperbacks of short stories at my bedside, the French original accompanied by its English translation. A book wrapper informed us that these stories were specially selected by the hotel management "for your enjoyment". Even if I am entirely honest and say that Le Dieu d'Alain et autres nouvelles (The God of Alain and other short stories) by Marianne Margo was a bit too full of bourgeois existentialism and angst for my taste, this was a step up from the Gideon bible secreted in a drawer. I mean, what a terrific idea. Books of short stories, poems, classic literature to set you dreaming as night falls in strange climes, and wake you to the clatter and clamour of a foreign city.

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