Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thank God for mp3 Players

Yesterday evening, I came home late because I had to attend the wake of my uncle-who-abandoned-his-family-and-had-a-fifteen-year-stroke and in bringing the priest home, we got lost in the city of Pasig (city hall, by the way, looks beautiful in the evening). Normally my best time-killer is to read a book but since it was dark, I turned on my mp3 player and caught up on the podcasts I've been missing out (I'm one week behind and tomorrow's the next batch of new podcasts!).

Today, I had a photo shoot for work so when not waiting for people to arrive or running around as errand boy and buying food and water for everybody, I was reading a book and listening to more podcasts. It's great being able to leverage your time in what would otherwise have been idle time.

Unfortunately, I still have no perfect solutions yet to guerrilla writing.

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