Thursday, September 20, 2007

30 Days of Night Contest

From Babbling Point

Apparently Ben Templesmith, the artist of the comic 30 Days of Night, will becoming here in December. Fully Booked and Inquirer are tying up to give away a free copy of the graphic novel (full details here and here). Meanwhile the Meet and Greet is on Oct. 30 while November 3 is the artist workshop and November 4 the Comicon Creation Conference and book signing.
The artist behind the successful horror series, Ben Templesmith, is coming to Manila! Ben’s artistic style brought a whole new dimension to modern horror and vampire looks in comics. Templesmith will be flying in from his hometown of Perth, Australia, to give a series of art workshops and book signings in schools and at Fully Booked this coming October.

NOW for the best news yet. Send your original vampire artwork to with the subject “30 Days Vampire Art Contest” and the best one will win a free graphic novel of “30 Days of Night” from Fully Booked. The selected artwork will appear in the upcoming October issues of Super with proper cred of course!

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