Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Buy Books to Help Fight Cancer

Pat of Pat's Fantasy Hotlist will be donating his earnings from Amazon Associates Program to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Here's how it works:
Hence, from here on to December 31st, I will donate the proceeds of my Amazon Associates Programs to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Granted, I've been an associates for over a year, and I've accrued the sum of about 50$ in that span of time. Not exactly the kind of amount which can make a different, some would say. But I disagree. In such an andeavor, every single penny counts.

So if you want to help, all you need to do is click on any of my Amazon links (the Canada, USA, Europe links you see in various posts) and purchase your stuff from there. It doesn't matter if you wish to buy that particular novel or not. As soon as you click on those links, you're good to go!:-) So whether you're shopping for books, DVDs, CDs, yada yada yada, old and new, every purchase you make will help raise funds to find a cure for Breast Cancer. You don't need to spend more, to donate any of your hard-earned dough, or to do anything special to support this worthy cause. Simply click on a link before buying whatever it is you want. As crazy as it sounds, it's as simple as that! With new releases from Brooks, Martin, Pratchett, Novik, Goodkind and so many more already out or on the way, it's never been easier to do a good deed when buying books by your favorite SFF writers.

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