Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Abridged Transcript of Kristine Mandigma, Dean Alfar, Gwen Galvez and Blooey Singson at RX 93.1

I wish I could have put this up during the Manila International Book Fair but transcribing takes time. Anyway, you can read about Kristine's fascination with Mills & Boon, Dean's spec fic cook book, Gwen's search for the Pinoy Harry Potter, and Blooey's Alamat ng Atis over here. Seriously though, Kristine talks about Read or Die, Dean explores spec fic and his latest book, The Kite of Stars, Gwen about the local publishing industry, and Blooey plugs the book fair (sorry the transcript is up too late!). It's a long read and rightly so since the interview lasted almost an hour.

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