Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lazy Boy Bus

So I'm still in the office, editing the 2008 edition of The Philippines Yearbook. When people ask me what exactly it is I do, I can't give them a straight answer simply because every year, we do something different. Two years ago, our theme was Filipino Values and I ended up organizing more than three dozen photo shoots and interviewing various personalities: CEOs, basketball players, celebrities, etc. Last year we settled for a recap of Philippine history as it's been two decades since the EDSA Revolution. Less time on the field and weeks were spent researching in newspaper archives. For this year, our theme is A Year of Adventure and I've been sending writers and photographers out to various parts of the country, covering Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao (no, I chose not to go, even when I had the choice simply because there's too much work to be done!).

I'm editing one of the articles and one of the writers mentioned a bus that had Lazy Boy's. I asked the photographer/writer beside me if it was true. He confirmed it although the said bus only travels to Naga. it's a regular-sized bus that has room for 19 people (those Lazy Boy's are big!), air-conditioned, and even has its own restroom. There's also less stop-overs so the twelve-hour trip to Naga is cut down to ten hours. If you intent to travel in style, the bus ride will only set you back by P900.00 ($20.00). How cool is that?

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