Friday, August 10, 2007

Online Publishing Temptation

Thanks to the convenience (and efficiency) of the Internet, it's all too tempting to publishing something you've just written. As in you just wrote it a minute ago, gave it a brief re-read, and you think it's the best stuff on Earth that everyone else should read it. So you upload it somewhere, whether on your blog or to the fan fic community.

Unfortunately, this has two disadvantage:
  1. Publishing it online might mean you can't pitch it to other publishers and more importantly,
  2. The piece hasn't been edited yet (and I'm guilty of this--nothing is more painful than reading a blog entry and finding lots of typos!)
Now for me, the process of editing takes time. Some errors you'll immediately spot if you give it a comprehensive re-read. Other mistakes, it takes a "fresh" mind to see because your mind tends to "fill in the blanks" even when there's clearly a blank in there.

Moral of the story? Write today, edit tomorrow. But don't publish it before then! Sadly, blog entries being what they are, I don't expect I'll be following that advice anytime soon.


Anonymous said...

sometimes it takes years before i feel brave enough to look at a short story again, then try to submit it for publication. that way i'm less affected when my story gets rejected: i'm confident enough in the quality of the piece that i have no trouble submitting it elsewhere.

mahirap gawing career ang pagsusulat pag ganito ang technique :P but if one has the luxury of time, one has to make the most of it.

banzai cat said...

And publishing online still doesn't have the weight or clout as having it published it published on print. For me anyway.

P.S. Of course there are also rankings in publishing in print but you know that anyway. ;-)

Charles said...

Both of you should check out Writing for Pay. "Writing for tabloids doesn't get you laid!"