Friday, August 17, 2007

Martin's Wild Cards Licensed to Green Ronin

I don't know why--coincidentally, in the two days that my Internet is dead at home, I have all these RPG-Book related news.

Here's the first batch, taken from George R. R. Martin himself:
For the Wild Cards fans among you -- we're just announced a new deal with Green Ronin Games for a new WILD CARDS rpg. John Miller will be writing the campaign setting. Details on the Green Ronin website, my own website news page, and soon on John's live journal, I'm sure.

WILD CARDS originally grew out of a role-playing game called SUPERWORLD, so in a sense we're going home again. I'm sure that John will do a great job... and Green Ronin makes some seriously cool games.
On a side note, I love what Green Ronin is doing, it's just that no one is importing their books here in the Philippines, and sadly, my gaming group probably isn't interested in playing even if someone did.

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