Thursday, August 09, 2007

Adarna Call for Storytellers and Illustrators

From Adarna House:

Call for Illustrators

For Artists interested in illustrating for our books, please submit the following through email:

(1) Résumé

(2) Two or more sample works representative of the artist’s style in illustration. If the artist has more than one style of illustration, 2 or more sample works of these other styles will suffice. Artists should take note though that Adarna looks for artists with a unique and consistent illustration style.

Email your submissions to with “Adarna Book Illustration Application” on the subject field.

All submissions must be original works by the sender. Submissions that are done in collaboration with other artists are accepted, if the collaboration is clearly stated.

Adarna doesn’t guarantee a quick reply to the submissions. An artist style may not fit the present crop of Adarna books being developed, but all submissions will be archived, on standby for an appropriate book project.

Call for Storytellers

Make our stories come alive! Be an Adarna House Storyteller!
If you have a lot of free time, love the company of kids, and enjoy sharing stories, send your resume to and gear up to tell us your favorite story!

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