Thursday, August 09, 2007

Case Study of a Best-Seller

From How to Change the World

Much like anything I say or post, take this with a grain of salt but Tim Ferriss has a recent entry on How Does a Best-Seller Happen? A Case Study in Hitting #1 on the New York Times:
1. Phenomenize:
Identify and name a legitimate societal shift or new phenomenon. To best spread a message or product, sell around it by discussing larger issues surrounding its creation: the person (me in this case), the changing social landscape, and emerging trends. No one cares about your new software, but the reasons it needs to exist might make for a great TV segment on 20/20. Naturally, the software would be mentioned. Mission accomplished without the hard sell.
While we're at it, here's some interesting entries from the same author: 3 Bibles for Developing Clear Thinking and Problem Solving and The 10 Most Common Words You Should Stop Using Now.

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