Tuesday, August 14, 2007

From the Editor

From Writing for Pay's Del.icio.us:

One of the opinions from Salon.com is entitled Let Us Now Praise Editors by Gary Kamiya. While reading it, I remember my days editing the high school paper, and how in many ways, I'm more of a rewriter than an editor per se. Here's an excerpt:

In the brave new world of self-publishing, editors are an endangered species. This isn't all bad. It's good that anyone who wants to publish and has access to a computer now faces no barriers. And some bloggers don't really need editors: Their prose is fluent and conversational, and readers have no expectation that the work is going to be elegant or beautifully shaped. Its main function is to communicate clearly. It isn't intended to last.

Still, editors and editing will be more important than ever as the Internet age rockets forward. The online world is not just about millions of newborn writers exulting in their powers. It's also about millions of readers who need to sort through this endless universe and figure out which writers are worth reading. Who is going to sort out the exceptional ones? Editors, of some type. Some smart group of people is going to have to separate the wheat from the chaff. And the more refined that separation process is, the more talent -- and perhaps more training -- will be required.

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