Thursday, October 29, 2009

October 29, 2009 Links and Plugs

Spotted this from Ekaterina's Twitter and it's geeky on multiple levels: Anli & Laura's Lesbian Gamer Geek Wedding.

Don't forget that the Interfictions 2 Auction will start on November 1, 2009.

And it's almost the nomination deadline for the Best of the Web. Go nominate now.

Honest question: When it comes to genre podcasts (fiction and otherwise), is there a large trucker demographic?

Just finished listening to Adventures in SciFi Publishing's latest podcast:

7th Son: Descent by J.C. Hutchins

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J.C. Hutchins said...

Hey Charles! Thanks for the shout-out, re: 7th Son: Descent!

Regarding your question about podcasting and truckers: Speaking from personal experience, I've received lots of feedback from truckers over the years. How big is that market? Hard to say. But they are an evangelistic bunch, and are great peeps to have in your corner.

Thanks again!