Tuesday, October 13, 2009

List of Speculative Fiction Anthologies for 2010

Earlier this year I tried to compile a list of 2009 anthologies and unfortunately, it's not the most efficient method since I was the only person inputting all the data (although people could freely comment on the blog entry).

Taking a page from John Joseph Adams, I've made a form which readers can use when it comes to listing the speculative fiction anthologies for 2010. You can view the complete forms here. Hopefully, I do things right this time and ahead of time.


Pipedreamer said...

Awesome project. I never would have thought of using Google Docs like that. I'll book mark it in case I come across an anthology to add.

Rob Rogers said...

If you haven't already, Charles, you might want to check out the Anthologies link on www.ralan.com.

Charles said...

Thanks Rob. I never knew it was there!