Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October 13, 2009 Links and Plugs

In controversy news, John Ottinger III has officially apologized for his post "For Those Who Cry Sexism or Racism in SF Anthologies, Shut Up."

My only complaint is that when such apologies occur (good for him!), the accompanying post gets deleted (no so good for the rest of us). I do think such posts should be saved so that the future (or the present) can learn from the mistakes of the past. Also, you're not only deleting your post, you're also removing other people's feedback (both positive and negative) in the comments. There are ways of retaining the post and admitting your mistake, such as the use of strikeout. Unless, of course, you posted private information (i.e. a person's address, SSS no., etc.).

On more positive news, The World SF News Blog has a new feature: Round Table: Environment and Background, Part Two.

Go read it now; it's free!

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