Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Retro Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman paid a visit to the Philippines in 2005 and here's some videos and recordings of his interviews and appearances. I wish I could take credit for these recordings but these were submitted by other Neil Gaiman fans. I forgot who specifically they were but they include Quark Henares, Neil Rizo, Erin Chupeco, Andre Quintos, Astrid, and Meann.

Writer's Forum (.wav, 17 MB) - Neil Gaiman addresses the press at the Music Museum.
Jam 88.3 (WMA, 3 MB) - Graphic/Fiction 2007 3rd place fiction winner Erin Chupeco interviews Neil Gaiman for the radio station.
MTV (WMV, 16 MB) - MTV hosts have a casual chat with Neil Gaiman.
NU107 (.wav, 14 MB) - Quark Henares, Ramon de Veyra, and Erwin Romulo give the most comprehensive Neil Gaiman interview yet.


Writer's Forum
Jam 88.3 Interview
MTV Hanging Out
NU 107

Also do check out my Neil Gaiman Philippines Compedium and Even More Graphic/Fiction 2007 Updates which I regularly update, the former with notices of the transcripts and new posts while the latter has new links to other sites that tackled his visit. For example, I just uploaded the A Gathering of Dreamlings and Nightmares transcript.

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