Monday, November 05, 2007

I Feel Violated

So I woke up early today to get to the post office before work starts because I received a notice last Thursday afternoon. Everything proceeded as planned except there's a certain awkwardness when I saw the post office staff open up your package in front of you to check them for whatever reasons (security, tax evasion, etc.). And it's not like it's kept private: there were two people in front of me and I certainly saw the contents of the package of the first guy which was a wide variety of materials (thankfully no bras or pantyhose). The second remained unopened simply because it was an envelope and not a box. In my case, I thought at that time "I reek of geek" as the post office staff opened a package full of books, books, and more books (thanks Ellen!), and then gave me a quizzical look.

And then I'll be doing this again soon as Wizards of the Coast (thanks Blue!) will be sending me a copy of The Orc King for the not-quite-a-contest I won (it was more of a consolation prize of sorts). Fringe benefits I guess for participating in their forums.

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