Monday, November 26, 2007

Expeditions Table of Contents

I encourage everyone to grab a copy of Expeditions by Fully Booked. It's P500 and P600 for the prose and comic paperbacks respectively, and P800 and P900 for the hardcovers. If you buy a set, one of them has a signature by Neil Gaiman and you get a discount. Leinil Yu also contributes art for the cover.

"The God Equation" by Michael A.R. Co
"Strange Map of Time" by Ian Casocot
"The Great Philippine Space Mission" by Philbert Ortiz Dy
"Atha" by Michaela Atienza
"The Omega Project" by Kim Marquez
"Monstrous Star" by Cecilia Estrada
"Stella for Star" by Yvette Natalie Tan
"Divesting Doloris: In the Antechamber of the Heart" by Ma. Ana Micaela G. Chua
"Marty" by Wincy Ong

"The Sad Mad Incredible But True Adventures of Hika Girl" by Clara Lala Gallardo and Maria Gallardo
"Splat!" by Manual Abrera
"Dusk" by Rommel Jason
"Defiant: The Battle of Mactan" by Juan Paolo Ferrer and Chester Ocampo
"The Guilty" by Vergel Nino A. Vergara
"Karnabal" by Benjor Catindig and Jonee Garcia
"The Moondancer" by Anna Pallon and Adele Raya
"The Prophet" by Frances Alcaraz and Alvin B. Yapan
"Where Eagles Fly" by Leonard John C. Banaag
"Why I Wake Up Late" by Avid Liongoren

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