Thursday, November 01, 2007

Fiction/Writing and Tabletop RPG Podcasts for 2007/11/01

Every Thursday, I post links to various podcasts that deal with the topic of fiction, writing, and tabletop RPGs.

Halloween and NaNoWriMo goodness approaches! For last week's round-up, in the fiction side, the Jamais Cascio interview tickled my fancy as he talks about the relation between science fiction and futurism, while for tabletop RPGs the interview with Kevin Sembedia of RIFTS fame.


Tabletop RPG (Mostly)

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skinnyblackcladdink said...

hey charles. good to meet you at the new worlds thing. thanks for linking to bat segundo. haven't been there in a while, totally missed Pinker and Mckellar. i was totally stoked to learn a month back that Ms McKellar had graduated from forgotten child star to accomplished mathematician. so cool.