Sunday, November 04, 2007

Displaced Lit Critters

I managed to attend yesterday's Lit Critters session... except A Different Bookstore was unavailable at the time so we ended up perusing the shelves of Fully Booked. Some of the attendees however managed to find us so the Lit Critters started the session at Figaro.

The stories discussed were:

"Klockwerk's Heart" by Anna Tambour
"The First Sense" by Nadine Gordimer
"A Tranquil Star" by Primo Levi

We also began with a discussion as to why Dean doesn't like the phrase "I like the conceit" and then later on moved on to the topic of writing for your own sake or writing for an audience. As for my self-incriminating statements, I will speak no more.

Here's a copy of the recording:

Lit Critters November 3, 2007 (44 MB, 97:11 minutes)

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Elyss said...

Dean: "discourse discourse..."


"Sir may I repeat your order?"