Friday, January 23, 2009

RPG Musings: RPG Podcast Networks

Every Friday, I'll toss an idea or two with regards to tabletop RPGs.

You'd think I'd stop talking about gaming podcasts but here I am again.

When I started listening to tabletop RPG podcasts in 2007, there were just two podcast networks to turn to: and Goblin: The Gaming Broadcast Network. You wanted to be part of the first one because it aggregates all the RPG-related podcasts and well, the latter was the only other network in town.

2008 (and early 2009) however saw the birth of several new gaming podcast networks (to say nothing of the RPG Bloggers) in addition to the number of podcasts that have were created and podfaded. Some of these networks were already in existence, merely formalizing its official status. Others, on the other hand, were seemingly disparate shows and decided hey, let's team-up!

I want to ask though, what's the value of such networks? Is it like a Christmas basket, where fans might get a selection of pre-selected shows? Or is it simply a badge of some sort that'll hopefully draw interest to others in the same network? How about you, what RPG Podcast Networks are you subscribed to?

Anyway, here's some links to the RPG Podcast Networks that I know of (feel free to add any that I might have missed):

Goblin: The Gaming Broadcast Network

War Pig Radio

Vorpal Network

Spooky Outhouse Productions

d20 Radio

Pulp Gamer

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