Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 Resolutions

It's 2009 and thanks to the ability to post and search your archives, let's see how I held up to last year's resolutions:

1) Read one book a week - This was honestly difficult at first but ever since I became a book blog reviewer, it became less and less of a chore. Number of books and fiction magazines read this year was in the three digits (around 148).

2) Blog regularly (Mon - Fri) - I think the blog can speak for itself. Basically I treated the blog like a magazine--including the type of content I provide--and I've been delivering regular content ever since (although I've changed the line-up from time to time).

3) Get three fiction pieces published - Epic fail. Well, on a positive note, I did write more than three stories this year. I think I got around to finishing six stories, and then junking two of them. One story I've passed on to my alpha reader but I still need to write a revision for. And then two stories were actually up for publication but the publications got delayed in their production. Either way, it's no excuse for me.

4) Deposit P50,000 ($1,200) in the bank - Nada. Not a single cent. Let's just say I don't want to see a Fed Ex form in the next few months (and the US publishing industry does revolve around New Jersey...).

Looking at all that, let's set some resolutions for 2009:

1) Get 5 fiction pieces published - I only increased the number because I know (crossing fingers) that two of my stories will be getting published this year. So right now, I need to write and send out at least three stories (of course one has better chances by writing and sending out more stories).

2) Deposit P50,000 ($1,000) in the bank - I honestly better tighten the budget.

3) Read two books/magazines a week - I think it's important to maintain a good thing. At least let's aim for the three digit mark come the end of the year.

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