Monday, June 25, 2007

Zelda Nostalgia

Spent most of Friday reading Blogging Zelda which is where the author tackles the original Zelda games without the help of a game walkthrough. Of course I think I enjoyed reading the entries because of the nostalgia factor rather than compelling writing on its own. I mean when he talks about the Zelda 1 dungeons, I've been there. It's because I've had the same experiences and why I can relate to it (and at the same time evoking my own memories of the game). If you haven't played the Zelda games, you're probably asking "so what?" or simply end up dumbfounded.

Of course I have to admit that the first time I played Zelda, I simply gave up. I didn't know where to go and was amassing rupies like crazy for no purpose.

For Zelda II, I managed to get moving, including defeating the first boss, before a friend borrowed the game and when he returned it, I watched him finish the game. The final boss was easily Street Fighter for the NES at the time with hi blocks, low blocks, and attacks from various angles (my favorite is the downward thrust). I remember getting stuck somewhere but then again, Zelda II was more linear than the original Zelda.

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