Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Philippine Genre Stories Tomorrow!

Just a reminder, Philippine Genre Stories will be guesting tomorrow at NU107, at around 4 pm. And with the exception of Kenneth, you can expect a different set of writers to participate in the interview. Such as artist/writer Andrew Drilon.

Me: I hear you'll be on NU107 this week.
Vin: Really? Kenneth hasn't informed me.
Me: Ooops.
Well I haven't been stalking either Joey Nacino (who is that guy, anyway? =P) or Alex Osias so who's guesting tomorrow is anyone's guess (it might even be from the authors in the second volume). One thing's for sure, it's not Vin.


Ligaya said...

Hi Charles!

Well, now that you mention it, Alex isn't at work today (I kid you not but most of the people from the Philippine Genre Stories group seem to be from, if not connected to, my workplace and the people in it). >_>0

Also, matanong lang... I'm obviously in Blogger now but how do I set everything in Filipino? v^_^v Mine still all seem to be in English...

Charles said...

Well Alex (and Kate) meets with Dean regularly so...

At dashboard, it's at the side bar under language.

pgenrestories said...

Hi Charles.

I guess you spoke to Vin before I did. He's going to be with me at NU later this afternoon, along with Andrew Drilon.

Thanks for the plug!