Saturday, June 02, 2007

Wish List

Right now there's two things I really really want from Paizo. Unfortunately, I do not have a credit card and ignorant in the ways of modern transactions.

The first is a subscription to Pathfinder. I emailed Paizo and shipping to the Philippines will only cost $5.00. Now the good news is that apparently, Comic Quest can get all things Paizo as long as it's in Previews magazine. Of course I won't be getting the freebie stuff, like the Player's Guide, and the PDFs of the files...

The second is the anthology board game Stonehenge. It's a one-shot deal but shipping will be costly, around half the price of the product. Of course the point is moot as I don't have a credit card, unless someone out there is willing to loan me theirs... =)

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