Monday, June 25, 2007

Fully Booked Serendra

There was a time when I'd tour each and every bookstore every month, including the new stores that open (assuming it's within Metro Manila) with the hope of finding new books but I feel my trekking ways has past me (actually, it's just the disappointment of seeing new and better architecture but the same shelves of books).

Anyway, The Soapbox Barbie Collection visited the Fully Booked Branch at Serendra last Saturday on its soft opening, and has pictures! Amaze yourself at the lovely interior design and the hordes of unsold Moleskine notebooks!

My only real problem with Serendra is that it's out of the way unless you have a car. Which I don't. Of course Tin has also been talking about how it also houses the best A Different Bookstore branch and with the Lit Critters meeting there twice every month, it could easily be the literati hangout in a few month's time. So anyone I can hitch with? Banzai?

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