Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Crazy Crepes

Last week, I discovered a new stall at Robinsons Galleria. It's called Crazy Crepes and it's one floor above Penny Brown. The joint's gimmick is that instead of ice cream cones, they use crepes (and their tagline is "This is a No-Cone Zone"). The price is around P75.00 - P80.00 depending on the flavor you want and you can upgrade the crepe by paying an additional P15.00.

Personally, I was disappointed that they weren't using Fruits in Ice Cream as their ice cream but you can't win 'em all. Not that it should matter as most of their ice cream offerings is more of vanilla and it's the toppings where you get the flavor.

The also serve a variety of crepes, such as hot crepes, but personally, I tried their ice cream crepe. Thankfully they served it with a spoon but I thought of eating it like a regular ice cream cone and all I can say is there's a reason why we use cones and not crepes. Thankfully the crepe was thick so that the ice cream wouldn't penetrate it but the problem is that the moment you bite into the crepe, its structure starts to give away and the "cone" soon collapses unless you can consume it quickly.

There's also a Crazy Crepe branch in Greenhills so you might want to visit that place too.


Anonymous said...

ooh this is like in Japan hehe i thought they started na this before?

chat said...

The Crepes in Cream (which uses FIC) in Podium and Mall of Asia has crepe cones that were more stable. However the crepe was too big and there was just too much ice cream for one person in there.