Friday, June 22, 2007

Comics Haul for the Week

Let me clarify that aside from manga, I really just buy three comic singles when they come out. They are:

  1. Countdown
  2. Justice League of America
  3. Justice Society of America
So interestingly enough, yesterday, aside from Countdown and Justice League of America, I bought Flash #13. And coincidentally, I read it in the right order: Flash, Justice League of America, and then Countdown. So that's your non-spoiler spoiler if it means anything. And it's been a great whirlwind. Here are three observations though:
  1. Is it me or was the Legion of Super-Heroes more effective than they ever were in their original title?
  2. Bart Allen probably has the best doppelganger villain name. I mean the original Flash fights Zoom, The Reverse Flash. And then there's the likes of the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor. The Impulse vs Inertia thing is at least, uh, more creative. Probably seconded only by Superman vs Bizarro.
  3. Karate Kid speaks Japanese! Cool! Wax on, wax off joke is getting stale though.

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