Thursday, June 14, 2007

Flash Fiction Wanted

From Kristine and Luis are Listening:


i magazine, the newest quarterly publication from the team behind the i section of the Manila Bulletin, is now accepting submissions for FLASH FICTION in English.

Launching October 2007, the i magazine is high-concept publication inspired by Another magazine and Tank, headlining fashion (a whopping 120 pages of it) as well as Filipino excellence, both here and overseas.

Feature stories range from Filipinos excelling in their fields (i.e. designers, artists, writers, professionals, or high-level executives abroad), new angles on Filipino culture stories (i.e. comparative story on a famous sculptor and a new young sculptor with similar aesthetics, or ethnographic stories of Filipino culture in European countries), and special-interest stories relating to Filipinos or Filipino culture ( i.e. Filipino toy designer in an international toy company, Filipinos who have more eclectic collections, or Filipino architects and engineers involved in reconstruction or preservation of historical buildings).

The i magazine is currently accepting flash fiction submissions for the maiden issue, in keeping with the editorial direction to introduce fresher, more intelligent, and though-provoking content that is still digestible for local readers. We are looking for stories that capture a brief moment, a single breath. We are looking for an irreverent piece, in the structured prose of fiction, with the lyrical movement of poetry. Hopefully, through these shorts bursts of story, we can slowly open up more readers to Philippine fiction.

Accepted submissions will be paid P500.00 a pop. Deadline is June 16, 2007 July 16, 2007. Send in your stuff now!

Submission Guidelines

1. All stories must be in English.
2. All stories must be at 150 words or less.
3. Priority will be given to stories that have Filipino content or references.
4. Stories must not have strong political or religious content, nor any blatantly offensive content.
5. Stories must not contain outright profanity.
6. While stream of consciousness or post-modern approaches are allowed, stories must be clear and palatable for target readers.
7. Stories must not have been released before in newspapers, magazines, or other commercial publications. Stories previously released in books or other anthologies must have written consent for publication.
8. Submissionsmust be in standard manuscript format: font size 12, double-spaced, on letter-sized paper, in true type font (i.e. Arial, Times New Roman). 9. Email submissions only. Stories must be attached as rich text format (.RTF) file. Subject of email must read " Flash Fiction submission for i magazine_(TITLE OF STORY)_(AUTHOR)."
10. Submissions must include short author biography with contact information as (rich text format) RTF file.
11. Pseudonyms are allowed. For billing purposes, authors using pseudonyms must clearly indicate his or her real name along with the biography and contact information.
12. Only authors of approved works will be contacted by the i magazine editors.

Email submissions to Deadline for submissions is JULY 16, 2007.

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