Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 10, 2009 Links and Plugs

There's never enough time!

On a side note, the Apex Book of World SF interview series continues with Aleksandar Žiljak. And I post my Best of 2009 Short List over at Jeff VanderMeer's blog. (It's just my short list! I still have other books to read before the year ends! And then the stories have to engage in Mortal Kombat before I pick a winner.)

And this just arrived in the mail: (it's just one book, double covers)

Roadkill by Robert Shearman and Sirenbeat by Tansy Rayner Roberts


TansyRR said...

Oooh that was a lovely surprise at the end of the post :D There I was, patiently going through all the links and oops, that's a familiar cover.

I hope you enjoy the book!

Charles said...

You write a compelling urban fantasy madame. Thankfully there are no selkies here in the Philippines. =)

Charles said...

Ooops. I mean kelpies, not selkies.