Thursday, January 17, 2008

Win A Lifetime Subscription to Kobold Quarterly

From Open Design:
I was really hoping to have 1,000 subscribers by Gen Con. It turns out we're going to get there, um, right about now. The magazine is very close to rolling the subscriber odometer over to 1,000 subscribers.

Hey, that's great, you say, everyone likes big round numbers but what about prizes? I'm glad you asked! The 1000th subscriber will win:

  • A Lifetime Subscription to the Magazine! This is a print sub if you are a print subscriber, or a PDF sub if you are a PDF subscriber.
  • A copy of the Six Arabian Nights Open Design project, written by Jeff Grubb, David "Zeb" Cook, Joshua Stevens, and Clay Fleischer, and yours truly. Six adventures set in Dark Arabia that can be used as a mini-campaign.
  • A Kobold t-shirt featuring our mascot, Jiro.
  • A copy of Kobold's Guide to Game Design, a compilation of essays on adventure design.
If you want to win, subscribe today! You could be the 1000th member of the Kobold Army. And 1000 kobolds is what, like a CR 30 encounter? Unstoppable!

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