Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Monster Match-Ups

On some days, I wonder what would happen if Filipino mythological creatures came into contact with Western creatures. For example:

1) Changelings vs Tiyanaks: Both take on the guise of babies yet where the former resorts to deception and trickery over time, the latter is more feral and savage.

2) Centaur vs Tikbalang: One is half-man, half-horse while the other is, uh, half-horse, half-man.

3) Gnomes vs Nuno sa Punso: Both are creatures of the earth and have beards. They certainly won't win their fight due to their size.


Anonymous said...

I can envision that if the Tikbalang wins, it'll sit on the Centaur's body, then take a smoke.

So I'm rooting for the Tikbalang. :D

Anonymous said...

plus, isn't the centaur traditionally wise and compassionate, though fierce when provoked? the tikbalang on the other hand is often cantankerous, sarcastic and badass. tikbalang wins on attitude alone :P

Anonymous said...

I've a terrible feeling that #3 would turn out into a midget wrestling match (so un-PC of me).