Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Knowledge Arcana Wants Your Campaign Settings

From Knowledge Arcana:

Get your world published on , here's how.

We all know that there are many worlds out there beyond those that are officially published settings. With the upcoming 4e release there will be at least one more. Here's your chance to show the community your world and get recognized. Who knows, maybe your world will become the next great campaign setting.

Submissions Guide: Rules & Restrictions.World submissions can be sent to submissions@knowled, with the header "Absent Worlds Query" in the Subject line.

Additional Rules/Restrictions:

  1. We only want to see a cross section in the submission, not the whole world.
  2. The era that the world is in(ie Dark ages, early development of life, future, post apocalyptic, etc.) at the time that the author of said world has taken the cross section.
  3. The name of the world, and location that the cross section is taken from.
  4. The Genre that this world falls into(ie Fantasy-Historical, Fantasy-science, Sci-fi-Futuristic, etc).
  5. Unless your cross section also covers an encounter that necessitates the inclusion of a stat block for a monster or NPC, no stat blocks will be necessary.
  6. Submitters retain all rights to the world, with the reserved right to publication on within one monthly article.
  7. Include a backdrop story about the world. You can make this a historical look up to your worlds present day.
  8. Please keep initial queries under 500 words.

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Please read the following post for news on the release of Issue 10!