Thursday, January 03, 2008

2008/1/3 Fiction/Writing and Tabletop RPG Podcasts

Every Thursday, I post links to various podcasts that deal with the topic of fiction, writing, and tabletop RPGs.

Happy New Year! On the gaming side, we still have holiday episodes from last week and this week but what stood out the most was Green Ronin Podcast's Holiday Top Three in which they discuss the best games, modules, etc. On the fiction side, be sure to check out the Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy as author Philippa Ballantine talks about making it as an author when you're not living in the US.

Fiction/WritingTabletop RPG (Mostly)


Anonymous said...


Thanks for posting a note about my podcast, The Independent Insurgency. I appreciate it.

-- Robert Bohl

Anonymous said...

Hey Charles,

That podcast is actually an attempt to increase your workload and is the first episode of a new podcast called Discussions From the Closet. I just don't have the monies yet to put everything up so I put the first episode up as a preview in my Theory From the Closet feed. Sorry if that's confusing.

Charles said...

Robert: Just create 'em and I'll list them.

Clyde: Good luck with your 3rd and hopefully 4th podcast. For now I'll just redirect Discussions from the Closet to Theory from the Closet.